May 10, 2019

May Newsletter

We hope you all had a happy Easter and are positively counting all your blessings. We are pleased to present the Comprehensive Report on TA8. Click here to download. Thanks to Michael Stone and Candice Carroll for putting this together. It was a life-changing experience for many and further consolidated our evidence base demonstrating that peer support, reflected experiences, and holistic health education can make significant improvements in the lives of veterans and their families. Of course, our involvement and positive interaction with the Timorese takes this all to a higher level, where we realise that loving our neighbours and going […]

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Visit helps bring light to the darkness

A Catholic veteran has found a renewed joy for life, after returning to a Timorese village where he was caught in a gun battle with enemy militia 19 years ago. It has taken former Corporal Greg Murty many years to come to grips with the incident, and which has caused him great distress and trauma. He lives with his family in the Brisbane south-side suburb of Parkinson. “Being a young and proud soldier… I went to their country thinking I was making a difference, but returned to Australia with the feeling of a heavy heart and feeling defeated,” Mr Murty […]

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