Veterans Care Association News
6th Edition: February 2016

Dear reader

What a marvelous meeting we had at the Kookaburra Cafe on the 14th of February. And a special thank you to Veteran Steve Hall for being our host for the evening.

An amazing 30 people participated in a meal and meeting.

We had some new members and supporters and a few curious enquirers, notably some members of Military Brotherhood motor cycle club who want to work collaboratively with us at the Gold Coast.   We introduced our new shirts caps and name tags, and Barbara Kenny generously gave out 10 Quilts of Valour. 

The space of the venue provide scope for getting around and meeting each other and sharing.   Developments are occurring on many fronts  with the most exciting being Rehabilitation trips into Timor that Michael Stone will lead.  

We look forward to gathering again for our next meeting on Sunday 15 May.

May Peace be With You!


 Management Committee Meeting Minutes - 14th Feb 2016

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Meeting Details

Location: Kookabuurra Café Paddington.
Date: 14 Feb 2016
Opened: 19:30; President Gary Stone, Chair.


Gary Stone, Lynne Stone, Geoff Fry, Colin Ahern, Paul Randall, Ellen Randall , Claudia Randall, Graham Harvison, Les Anson, Gaye Hull, Christina Hully, Bruce Bonney, Andrew Regget, Donna Regget, Rev. Peter Devenish-Meares, John Jordon, Kevin Lappin, Rosella Fowle, Gary Fowle, Bill Kenny, Barbara Kenny, George Stack, Byron Court, John Hull, Peter Lehmann, Steve Hall, Caitlin Proctor, Col Ahern.

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Australian Veterans Suicide Rates are Tragic

Australian Veterans Suicide Rates are Tragic

It’S a shocking, whispered truth about our modern military – far more of our veterans take their own lives after returning home than are killed during overseas operations. In the last few weeks, two more veterans took their own lives – the toll is more than 260 since 1988, compared to 46 listed as fatalities in conflict, according to the Australian Veterans Suicide Register. “It breaks my heart, it’s tragic, it’s simply hard for people to comprehend,” Deacon Gary Stone, who is chaplain to the ex-service community in the Archdiocese of Brisbane, said.

Deacon Stone is a veteran of recent operations including Iran-Iraq, East Timor, Bougainville, the Asian tsunami, Solomon Islands and Timor Leste. “These are men who have been to war, endured tough things,” he said. “It is the coming back, the reintegrating into life that’s difficult.”

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