February News

Dear friends

Greetings to you all as we launch into 2017.

Throughout The Christmas and New Year period we have been preparing for our next Timor Awakening programme which deploys into Timor on 19 Feb.

Over 40 family members participated in a briefing day for this on 28 Jan and it was wonderful to see the interest and enthusiasm shown.

We have already selected and started preparing our TA 4 group which deploys on 30 Apr and are delighted that 4 spouses will be participating as well.

Expressions of interest in our TA5 programme going to Timor 30 Jul-9 Aug are being called for now. Apply here.

To meet the increasing demand for support, we have just commenced employment of Chaplain Tina Waugh, a 20 year Army veteran, as well as Psychologist Phoebe Cooper who will be managing our evaluation programme and child therapy. 

Reports of our work have featured in DVA news and RSL news (Click here to read).

DVA has invited us to participate in a trial Peer-support programme to assist mentoring of Vets they have identified as needing rehabilitation.

We are delighted to be seeing very practical outcomes emerging from the people who have participated with us.

People are initiating gatherings informally; supporting each other through Facebook; starting to exercise; cutting back on alcohol; improving their diets, and some returning to paid employment. Promoting self responsibility for our health and wellbeing has always been an objective for us, and it's great to see it happening.

Our next gathering day, to which all are welcome, is on Sat 1 Apr at the Mates4mates facility at Douglas St Milton from 10:00-13:00. Check our website and facebook pages for regular news updates.

May 2017 be a year of blessing for us all, may the Love of God enfold you; May the life and teaching of Jesus inspire you; and May the power of the Holy Spirit dwell in you and pour out from you to bless others.

Your Padre
Gary Stone

Veterans Care Association Inc
Holistic Care for of Body Mind & Soul for Veterans, Families & Carers 

Quilts of Valour Presentation

Timor Awakening 3 paricipants being presented with their beautiful Quilts of Valour by VCA and QoV member Barbara Kenny in appreciation for their service.

Veterans Care Group Session

The Veterans Care Team at our January Group Session, held at Mates4Mates in Milton


2017 Event Overview

Timor Awakening 3:   Sun 19 Feb – Wed 1 Mar 17

Route:   Dili x 2nights, Same x 2, Liquisa x 2, Balibo x 2, Dili x 2

Notes:   5 x Staff, 16 x Participants (Male Veterans Only)

VCA Group Session 2/17:  Sat 1 Apr 17   1000-1300   @Mates4mates Milton

Key Activities:  Gen Meeting ; TA3 debrief/reflections, TA4 final prep

Timor Awakening 4: 30 Apr – 10 May 17

Route: Dili x 2, Jaco x 2, Baucau x 1, Balibo x 2, Dili x 2

Notes: 5 x Staff, 15 participants; Selection Board –19 Dec 16

VCA Group Session 3/17:Sat 27 May 171000-1300@Mates4mates Milton

Key Activities: Gen meeting; TA4 debrief/reflections, TA5 Initial Brief

VCA Group Session 4/17: Sat 8 Jul 17  1000-1300@Mates4mates Milton

Key Activities: Gen meeting;  TA5 brief/final prep

Timor Awakening 5:Sun 31 Jul – Wed 10 Aug 17

Route: Dili x 2, Loihuno x 2, Baucau x 1, Liquica x 1, Balibo x 2, Dili x 2

Notes: 5 x Staff, Selection Board – 3 Apr 16

VCA Group Session 5/17: Sat 26 Aug 17 1000-1300@Mates4mates Milton

Key Activities:TA5 debrief/general session

Timor Awakening 6: Sun 24 Sep – Wed 4 Oct (Commando Special TA)

Route: Dili x 3, Same x 2, Maubisse x 1 or Liquica x 1, Balibo x 2, Dili x 2

Notes: Staff TBD,    Selection Board – Mon 19 Jun 17

VCA Group Session 6/17: Sat 21 Oct 17  1000-1300@Mates4mates Milton

Notes:General meeting; TA6 debrief ; TA7 Initial brief

VCA AGM and Christmas Party: Sat 18 Nov 17

1100-1300 Kookaburra café   Paddington

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