March News

Dear friends


Our next VCA gathering day is on Sat 1 April at Mates4Mates Milton at 1000

One of our recent Timor Awakening participants has said:  “This has been the best experience of my life.” Another reported: “This has provided me more help than all of the clinicians I have seen over many years.” 

With feedback such as this we are encouraged that the model we are developing in Veterans Health is not just helping the individuals we are directly engaging with, but also will change the broader approach offered to all veterans. We are about promoting a wellness model of living, rather than enduring a sickness model of treatment. We are seeking to provide hope and restore people who have been labelled “totally and permanently incapacitated” to a level of health and well being that is joyful and generative, empowering them to see a future life purpose.

We especially thank Pat Mc Intosh and RSL Care for the substantial financial support they have given this year to enable us to continue to deliver our programmes and engage professional clinical staff to supplement our volunteers. They are now our major sponsor and we proudly sing their praises for many initiatives in supporting veterans and families around Australia and for trusting us. RSL Qld and Knights of the Southern Cross remain as sponsors and we are grateful for their ongoing support.

We thank Michael Stone and his team for delivering Timor Awakening 3, which built on learnings from our two previous programmes, and will see further adjustments with TA4 spending 3 full days on Atauro Island focusing on health education, more sharing and more physical exercise options.  The Prime Minister of Timor Leste, Dr Rui Arujo  is going to join us for this time, so supportive is the Timorese Govt of what we are doing!

Look up our many pictures on Facebook page Timor Awakening.

Back at base, at 2 Victoria Park Road Kelvin Grove, we have joyfully welcomed  psychologists Kaye Adams and Phoebe Cooper to our Pastoral Team, co-ordinated by Kirsten Wells. We now have first class response capacity, record keeping, and programme evaluation in place. CPA accountant Wayne Robson is supporting Geoff Fry and Col Ahern in our governance team and we are in process of managing all our finances onto the XERO system, giving instant visibility and accountability of all we do. 

Our next VCA gathering day is on Sat 1 April at Mates4Mates facility in Douglas St Milton starting at 1000, and including lunch at 1200. We will be providing an overview of VCA developments, hearing feedback from TA3 participants, briefing TA4 participants departing on 30 Apr, awarding Quilts of Valour, and making welcome participants hoping to deploy on TA5 in July.  

We continue to be inspired to engage in this ministry as it is truly a Good Samaritan activity, in the words of Jesus, “bringing Good News to the afflicted, proclaiming liberty to captives, bringing new sight to the blind, and setting the downtrodden free.”     .

My God bless you all and may you celebrate the new life that Easter proclaims.

Your Padre
Gary Stone

Veterans Care Association Inc
Holistic Care for of Body Mind & Soul for Veterans, Families & Carers 

 Balibo Fort

The Veterans Care TA3 Team

TA3 Participants at Liquica

Gary handing out a couple of more than 3000 School Kits

The Welcome we received at the Aussie Commando Base at Bazartete


2017 Event Overview

VCA Group Session 2/17:  Sat 1 Apr 17   1000-1300   @Mates4mates Milton

Key Activities:  Gen Meeting ; TA3 debrief/reflections, TA4 final prep

Timor Awakening 4: 30 Apr – 10 May 17

Route: Dili x 2, Jaco x 2, Baucau x 1, Balibo x 2, Dili x 2

Notes: 5 x Staff, 15 participants; Selection Board –19 Dec 16

VCA Group Session 3/17:Sat 27 May 171000-1300@Mates4mates Milton

Key Activities: Gen meeting; TA4 debrief/reflections, TA5 Initial Brief

VCA Group Session 4/17: Sat 8 Jul 17  1000-1300@Mates4mates Milton

Key Activities: Gen meeting;  TA5 brief/final prep

Timor Awakening 5:Sun 31 Jul – Wed 10 Aug 17

Route: Dili x 2, Loihuno x 2, Baucau x 1, Liquica x 1, Balibo x 2, Dili x 2

Notes: 5 x Staff, Selection Board – 3 Apr 16

VCA Group Session 5/17: Sat 26 Aug 17 1000-1300@Mates4mates Milton

Key Activities:TA5 debrief/general session

Timor Awakening 6: Sun 24 Sep – Wed 4 Oct (Commando Special TA)

Route: Dili x 3, Same x 2, Maubisse x 1 or Liquica x 1, Balibo x 2, Dili x 2

Notes: Staff TBD,    Selection Board – Mon 19 Jun 17

VCA Group Session 6/17: Sat 21 Oct 17  1000-1300@Mates4mates Milton

Notes:General meeting; TA6 debrief ; TA7 Initial brief

VCA AGM and Christmas Party: Sat 18 Nov 17

1100-1300 Kookaburra café   Paddington

Thanks to our generous sponsors...