Dear friends,

Just wanting to report briefly on our first annual general meeting (AGM) on Monday 16 November 2016. We had 13 present and numerous apologies.  A very big  thanks to Rob Vicary for hosting and catering for the meeting. 

We kept the administration to a minimum and spent most of the time sharing and reflecting on aspects of the mission.

The AGM Minutes are attached below.

We were encouraged to welcome some new members. I enclose also a photo of the gathering ( including the light of the Holy Spirit shining over us ! ) .

Please feel free to contact me about any of the matters we raised in our reports.   

May peace be with you all!

Gary Stone
President & Padre to Veterans, Families & Carers. 

Presidents Report on Veterans Care Association

Where: 26a Yallamurra Street, The Gap QLD 4061
When: Monday 16th November 2015

Start Time: 7.30pm

A little over a year ago at a Man Alive breakfast I shared the complex health challenges that faced many veterans and their families.

 I explained that there had been neither formal church response to the situation nor any church funding likely, but that I was committed to introducing some spiritual response to the situation. Geoff Fry spoke up and said that he thought some people from the St Johns Wood The Gap parish would like to support a response. Rob Vicary added that some governance structures could be put in place along the lines of a tax-deductible charitable organisation and several others said they would like to make financial donations to this work.

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Update on Activities

This last quarter of the year has seen us involved in a wide range of engagement. It has also been a period where we have become aware of how wide and complex the needs of our veterans and their families are. We have had numerous requests for assistance as well as many people suggesting additional things that we could be involved in.

Our Raison d’etre has been to provide spiritually based pastoral care as well as education in holistic health. In working with veterans and their families we have tried to encourage people to take self-responsibility in building resilience in their lives once they are empowered with the information to do this.

We are achieving these things well, but the quantum of needs out there is far beyond our current capacity to deliver.

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Get Involved

In Australia, more than 1.4 million people (at any one time) are suffering from the insidious disease that is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – Australian Bureau of Statistics)

And while the disease affects people from all walks of life, it is the brave men and women of our Armed Forces who (as a group) are particularly at risk.

The simple fact is, PTSD destroys lives.

This silent killer tears families apart, brings destruction and torment into relationships and often ends in suicide. No one deserves this fate, but especially not those who have offered their lives on battle fields and skirmishes to protect our freedom.

Early detection and early treatment saves lives – but the current system is flooded, and people are slipping through the cracks.

Money is needed to raise awareness, increase services, dispel the myths and remove the stigma associated with PTSD.

Through the pastoral work of Deacon Gary Stone, and pre-existing education services, welfare and social enterprises, Veterans Care Association is on the front line, providing support and assistance where it is needed. But we need your help.

What will you give to those who have given so much to protect your freedoms and way of life?

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