Good News In Veterans Care October 2019

Dear friends, Words can hardly express the realisation of so much that has come together in the last few months. We completed our 10th , fully evaluated Timor Awakening program, involving a contingent of 38, including 7 couples. We opened  the Veterans’ English Language Institute (VELI)  and Ian Hampel ( accommodation) House at Same. We got to have key engagement meetings with Darren Chester, Minister for Veterans Affairs  in Dili, where he saw and heard of our work from TA Participants, key Timor Leste Government Leaders, key Embassy officials, as well as, fellow MP Luke Gosling. In an amazing step […]

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Rebuilding Veterans’ Lives

DEACON Gary Stone and his son Michael arc both defence veterans and passionate about helping our young soldiers return to their families and civilian life. Together, they took on a new challenge last week — calling for greater public awareness about the plight of returning veterans, and seeking financial assistance for their mission through the Veterans Cam Association. “The association started about one-and-a-half years ago, and our mission is very clear. We am determined to save lives and save families,” Mr. Stone, a former army major, told Church, business and community leaders at the 2016 Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Pray Breakfast. […]

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