Good News in Veterans Care – July

Please join us for our next gathering:

WhenSaturday 11th August 2018
Time10:00am – 1.00pm (includes lunch)
Where: Mates4Mates – Douglas Street Milton

Dear Sandra,

We have much to be grateful for, as we enter into the second half of 2018. A full update on what we’ve achieved, and where we are going will be provided at our gathering on 11Aug,
but the highlights are:

• The qualitative evaluation of TA6 has been completed by Michael Stone and our Consultant Psychologist Chris Hully. It’s an impressive read. See it here


• The Australian Veterans Scholarship Scheme, (an inspiration of Michael Stone), for education of children of Timorese veterans has so far raised $11,700. Thank you donors . Giving is good for your health! Get involved – see


• Veteran Marty Kruck raised $12,000 for VCA in his epic 1681 km “41 for 41” walk around the Redlands. Thank you Marty for honouring our fallen and supporting the work of VCA.

• Veteran and Knights of Southern Cross member, Mike Harris, gathered 170 people and raised $2,400 for VCA in a Trivia night, in conjunction with Australian American Association and Camp Hill Catholic parish. Thanks Mike.

• On a short notice invitation from Timorese Govt , Michael Stone has organised a 12 person Commemorative tour in Timor 13-22 Aug to celebrate Falantil Day (similar to Anzac Day) open memorials in Ossu honoring Aussies and Timorese who fought in this area in WW2, and do some voluntary construction work at the Lohuno Veterans retreat. Representatives from each of the TA groups will attend. Thanks to RSL QLD for funding this.

• A 29 person TA7 Group will be in Timor 9-9 Sep. Thanks to Bolton Clark , RSL QLD and Aust Commando Assn for funding this.

• Extensive filming with VCA staff and members was completed for Bolton Clark’s Veterans family toolkit, video series. We look forward to its launch in coming months.

• VCA had made a submission to DVA review of advocacy support. See our VCA website for the detail. We are calling for the employment of paid welfare and pensions advocates.

Many, many more individual interactions – coaching sessions, education talks, pastoral care etc. have and continue to occur in the midst of all these events, and much administrative support from our committee members underpins all of this. Thanks to all who contribute.

The bottom line is that we are veterans caring for veterans. Yes we do this because we care. We are also inspired by the message of Jesus who once proclaimed :

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon us, for he has anointed us to bring good news to the afflicted, to proclaim liberty to captives, to bring new sight to the blind, to set the downtrodden free, and proclaim the Lords favour.” Luke 4:16-19.

All of these outcomes are being fulfilled in what we together are doing.

May god bless you all.

Your Padre, Gary
Veterans Care Association Inc
Holistic Care for of Body Mind & Soul for Veterans, Families & Carers

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