July Meeting update

Just a quick update on progress and to advise a slight change to our programme on 2 July .

We are delighted to have formally welcomed 28 new participants and reserves this week joining our Timor Awakening program, TA2, who will be heading to Timor-Leste18-28 September 2016.  They join 23 who will be departing for Timor on 18 July.  We have been having numerous pastoral engagements with all these folks and its been a delight to see how much appreciation there is for what we are offering.     This letter was sent to VCA from a veteran on 21 Jun16…….I think your program is the real answer. I have had interactions with various other organisations both during and post discharge but they are all lacking one thing – the spiritual focus. I have really been struggling with the numbers of young veterans committing suicide and wished I could help. I truly thank God for your drive, commitment and determination and I have no doubt you and your team are helping to save lives! 

Our Next Group Meeting is Sat 2 July 2016 (Kookaburra Café).  We look forward to seeing our new TA2 group  starting at 11am with an initial briefing on the program as we conducted last time, and time  to get to know each other during lunch (order and pay as you go).  VCA Members, sponsors and TA members are welcome to join us for any of these activities.  Please contact Kirsten if you may have any troubles with transport. It would be wonderful if we can look to carpool to our meetings for people living in the same area.

From 1:00pm-2:30pm there will be a Pre-Timor briefing and Q&A for the TA1 group (all are welcome to sit in )

We now have 106 financial members of VCA, and a further 77 supporters. Whilst our main effort is to offer rehabilitation through the Timor Awakening program , almost every day we are responding to other veterans in need.  We now have a team of over 20 professional clinicians in our support base and offer the widest range of advice. Look up our revamped website for recent additions and a big schedule of coming events .


We are unified in one purpose – to raise the health and wellbeing of veterans and their families and carers. it is  Together as family team that can we best  achieve that .

Thanks so much for your support.



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