Management Committee Meeting Minutes – 14th Feb 2016

veterans support services

Meeting Details

Location: Kookabuurra Café Paddington.
Date: 14 Feb 2016
Opened: 19:30; President Gary Stone, Chair.


Gary Stone, Lynne Stone, Geoff Fry, Colin Ahern, Paul Randall, Ellen Randall , Claudia Randall, Graham Harvison, Les Anson, Gaye Hull, Christina Hully, Bruce Bonney, Andrew Regget, Donna Regget, Rev. Peter Devenish-Meares, John Jordon, Kevin Lappin, Rosella Fowle, Gary Fowle, Bill Kenny, Barbara Kenny, George Stack, Byron Court, John Hull, Peter Lehmann, Steve Hall, Caitlin Proctor, Col Ahern.


Andrew Burke, Ian Marshall, Ted Chitham, Phil and Robyn Locke, Rob Vicary.


Gary Stone (President)

Minutes taken by:

Col Ahern

Prayer by:

Bruce (Luke 4: 16-19.) and Gary

Order of Meeting

VCA head tablePresident’s Report

Gary outlined the recent activities/events that had been conducted most of which are covered in greater detail in the newsletter (Attachment 1; 16th Edition February 2016, available on website ).


  • Caitlin Proctor (as Pastoral Care Coordinator) formally employed part-time.
  • Formed Pastoral Care Team and met 19 Dec 2015.
  • RSL Qld, Stewart Cameron putting VCA info on their website of support from ex-service organisations.
  • VCA invited to contribute to Veteran rehabilitation treks to Timor. Michael Stone has lead on this project and others needed to help before, during and after.
  • Dr David Burke and Dr Margaret Buring have invited VCA to input spiritual component into their ‘Wellness programs” at their retreat centre at Natural Bridge. VCA is investigating/scoping the venue for the future VCA use/events.
  • Gary has contributed /provided many presentations to various invitations with the Army, DVA health, and Nerang Parish.
  • VCA received a grant of $5000 from Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane for ministry support.
  • Sandra Hammond and Rob Vicary have further developed the web site: Check it out!
  • Geoff Fry (treasurer) submitted a VCA grant request to Gaming Trust .

Treasurers Report (Geoff Fry)

The Treasurer outlined present financial status and funding activities/bids/applications underway.

Other Business:

Present financial position has allowed for part-time employment of the well qualified and experienced Caitlin Proctor as VCA Pastoral Care Coordinator. This is a major step forward for VCA (further details in newsletter, Caitlin introduced herself and outlined her various therapeutic modalities.

Quilts of ValourVCA member Barbara Kenny, also from “Quilts of Valour,” gave an introduction and background to Quilts of Valour and her own family connections to the military and PTSD. Quilts of Valour award these hand made, individual quilts to veterans/families as a “Thank You from Australia for Your Service.”

Barbara awarded quilts and certificates to:

  • Paul Randall,
  • Ellen Randall,
  • Claudia Randall,
  • Kevin Lappin,
  • George Stack,
  • Leslie Anson,
  • Graham Harvison,
  • Jonathon Jordon,
  • Steve Hall,
  • Gary Fowle.

A photo was taken of the attendees.

Gary has been invited to write an article for the Catholic Leader about suicide.

Bruce Bonney commented on the value of the President’s report to inform members of many of the activities that VCA has been engaging in/delivering. It is important that people regularly check the web for newsletters.

George Stack commented on the value of veterans (who have suicidal tendercies) to have access to a genuinely sympathetic listener who can also direct them to further help. Also support for family members who may call in crisis. He asked Gary what was the average calls per week that he received. Gary said around 50 per week (not all crisis calls).

Next meeting

19:30, 15 May 2016 Kookaburra Café, Paddington.

Final Prayer

Meeting Close:


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