March 2018 News

Please come and join us for our gathering day this Saturday at Mates4Mates, Douglas St, Milton. 10am till 1pm (incl Lunch).

Michael Stone is just back from a 10 Day Recon in Timor and ready to brief us on arrangements for TA6 8-18 Apr.

Whilst there he had liaison on a range of other initiatives that he wants to float to our VCA community, including a scholarship scheme to train children of Timorese veterans at the ETDA hospitality school in Dili, plans for a special Anzac Day in Dili trip in 2019 and a 20 years since Liberation celebration in Sept 19, and development of the Timorese veterans centre and historical park – all great follow up activities for TA alumni. Our video production on TA5 is complete and we hope to show it to you and upload it to YouTube.

The VCA management committee had visits recently from Federal MP Trevor Evans, congratulating us on our Life Coaching (with Michael Albrecht) initiative and Lynette Gambrill, President of RSL Ladies Auxiliary, who presented us with a $2300 donation. Thanks to both of you.

Our collaboration with our major sponsor, Bolton Clarke ( formerly RSL CARE) continues to grow with invitations to speak at retirement villages around ANZAC Day, and involvement on a major Veterans Health and Wellbeing educational video which will be a national first in helping families and veterans better understand how to live happy and healthy lives, no matter what health conditions assail them from time-to-time. Thank you Pat McIntosh, Steve Muggleton and your staff.

RSL QLD have offered us a new sponsorship contract to support activities in 2018, with new additional specific funding to support the Timorese veterans and our ongoing relationship with them. Thank you Scott Denner, Katie Maloney and RSL QLD.

We continue to be grateful for the many individuals who support us financially and promote our message of Hope, through intentional health and well being, planning and peer support.


The Gospel we have been preaching is being heard and echoed in many Ex-Service forums. We set out to raise the level of health and well being of veterans and their families, and it is happening! I must say that God has blessed this activity and as we approach Easter let us also give thanks to God who desires that we live in the Fullness of life, (John 10:10).

May God bless you this Easter, and may you pass that blessing of love, joy and peace on to others.

Your Padre, Gary

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