How we help

"Timor Awakening is a unique program achieving excellent results in the veteran community that has definitely contributed to reducing the incidence of veteran suicide."
- One of our Wonderful Timor Awakening Participants -

It is the goal of The Veterans Care Association to provide Support to the Veterans Community in the following ways:

  • Support Organisation
    Providing support services to the Veterans Community and acting as a hub for service promotion and integration.
  • Liaison with Veteran Organisations
    Helping ex service organisations such as DVA and Defence to promote their support services within the Veterans Community
  • Liaison with Health Providers
    Help Health Providers to connect with Veterans and those most at need of support and assistance.
  • Education
    Provide holistic health education talks to ex-service groups and gatherings
  • Holistic Input
    Encourage a holistic approach to recovery amongst Veterans including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects using established rehabilitation programs.
  • Conversations
    Through multi-media resources, bring about conversations with key stakeholders and groups that bring a broader awareness of the issues facing Veterans and their health.
  • Timor Awakening Program
    A peer to peer well-being program comprising holistic health education, group therapy, mentoring, physical activity, commemoration and community development.
  • Educational Material
    Develop educational material and tools to assist with the recovery and rehabilitation of Veterans’ health.

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There are approximately 641,000 Veterans in Australia.


30% of Veterans Suffer from PTSD in their lifetime


50% of Veterans experience some form of Chronic Pain

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Thanks so much for a life changing opportunity and the chance to reset my life.This valuable program far surpasses any conventional treatment in Australia

This program brings positivity back to veterans and shows what the veteran can do.

Veterans are sharing in their own health and well-being improvement together, instead of with civilian clinicians who don’t necessarily understand veteran’s perspectives.