Notice of Special General Meeting

Where: VCAI Office, 2 Victoria Park Rd, Kelvin Grove
When: Monday 15th October 2018
Start Time: 9.00am

Special General Meeting will be held on Monday 15 October 2018 at 9.00am at VCAI Office2 Victoria Park Rd Kelvin Grove to vote on a special resolution to an ‘Update of VCAI Rules’ (see comments on rules below).

The proposed ‘Update of VCAI Rules’ is available on the website.

• To download the existing rules, please click here.

• To download the proposed new rules, please click here.

Tea and coffee will be available from 8.30am. The meeting starting sharply at 9.00am should take less than 15 minutes.

The only Special General Meeting Agenda item is to vote on the special resolution to accept the proposed ‘Update of VCAI Rules’ published on the website.

Comment on Rules Update:

As VCAI has progressed, some minor changes have been identified to better reflect our present and future ‘Objects.’ For example, our main remediation program, Timor Awakening, has evolved subsequent to the formation of VCAI in 2014. With a few minor exceptions, the VCAI Rules follow the ‘model rules’ on the Qld Government Office of Fair-Trading website for charitable organisations.

Apart from some corrections or word changes, the main changes/additions to the Rules are in Section 3 and 3.1, ‘Objects’; Section 5 ‘Classes of Members’; and Section 7 ‘Membership’. Please follow the links to read or download the Proposed VCAI Update Rules and the Original VCAI Rules.

Note: according to our present rules only financial members are entitled to vote

Financial members who cannot attend the Special General Meeting may forward their vote on the official form (please download Voting Form here) or request the secretary to post a form for their use.  The signed form should be posted / emailed to arrive a business day before the special meeting or given to the secretary before the start of the meeting, so it can be counted in the voting.

Financial members may alternatively nominate a proxy (please download the proxy form here) to vote for them at the meeting, if sent to the secretary by mail /email to arrive a business day before the meeting; or handed to the secretary before the start of the meeting.

To become a financial member of VCAI, please download, complete and return this form.

A Committee meeting will start shortly after completion of the Special General Meeting.

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