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Please join us for our AGM and Christmas party on Sat 18 Nov at Mates4mates Milton at 11:00.

Dear friends,
We conclude 2017 fully satisfied that we are making a positive impact in improving the lives of veterans and their families. Every veteran completing our program is a prophet of Hope and a Compassionate Carer reaching out to those around them.

Our October Timor immersion was our best one yet in terms of health outcomes for veterans and families. We were joined by nominees from the Commando Associations in Qld Vic, NSW and WA and visited all sites of Commando activity in Timor. Once again we interacted with many Timorese veterans and were welcomed to country by new Prime Minister, Mari Alkitiri and were able to lobby him for support to the Timorese veterans. We were delighted to be displaying our major sponsor – Bolton Clark (formerly RSL Care) branding.

We are having our AGM on Sat 18 Nov at Mates 4 mates facility at 1100. I include my report for your interest. I include also a commendation from Dr Ian Marshall. Ian is a GP of 50 yrs experience, a former RAAF MO, is Qld Consul for Timor Leste, as well as National President of The Knights of Malta. Thank you Ian for your service.

Nominations for our April 2018 Timor immersion are now closed and participants are preparing. We are also looking to a further Commandos return in Sep 18.

We at VCA, wish all our community a joyful and peaceful Christmas mindful of the reason for the season – that God loved us so much that he became one of us in the person of Jesus.
It is Jesus who inspires us at VCA to reach out to those who are hurting, with healing hands. May all of us live in faith hope and love,


In closing, we asked TA5 participants of any message you would want share with supporters and sponsors. These are their Good News comments:

If you are to sponsor any program that supports veterans, this is the one. Congratulations to the VCA team for putting together such an extraordinary and worthwhile program I am indebted to you all.

“I am feeling significantly better having worked through a period of depression.”

“This is a phenomenal circuit breaker and a chance to re-evaluate life.”

“I feel that I now have a clear sense of what I need to do to improve my state of mind and situation The Timor Awakening experience is a great way to sort out your problems. It could not have been as successful if the program had been conducted in Australia.”

“I am now very much fitter in mind and body and soul. I have been amazed and at times emotionally affected by the commitment and goodness of Gary and Michael Stone. At all times it was and is inspiration.”

“I have had to step out of my comfort zone and it is done me good inside. I’m resolved to be more connected to people.”

“This has increased and strengthen my resolve and gratefulness.”

“I have learned that I need to interact more . The need to contribute is the basis of all new beginnings. I am a lot more relaxed.”

“I feel I have had a massive stress release; it has just flowed out of me. Usually have bad dreams but this didn’t occur at all to me. The most effective program I have ever done. Enjoyed every aspect.”

“I’m feeling very refreshed both mentally and spiritually. Thank you for enabling me to return to Timor to meet and encourage the people and let them know that they are not forgotten.”

“This is a great course. As the partner of a Veteran, I have seen nothing but positive outcomes from this. Thanks for the opportunity. My mind is now clearer on what directions my life now needs to lead.”

“I am much happier and less stressed and more grateful for the things that matter in life and this is an absolute must do program for Veterans with PTSD. I have been absolutely blown away by this experience.”

“This is one of the best recovery programs going and helps make the changes to and improve the quality of life, so please make sure this keeps going for others.”

“Thank you so much for this opportunity. The experience has definitely helped me to improve my Outlook.”

Thanks again and may God bless you all

Your Padre
Gary Stone

Veterans Care Association Inc
Holistic Care for of Body Mind & Soul for Veterans, Families & Carers

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