TA6 Feedback comments April 2018

1. I’m feeling better, more relaxed. Ive opened up, shared emotions, with others and my wife, that I’ve never done before . I’ve realised I can be myself and not a rock.

2. Terrific experience of friendship and values. Feel I’m now an ambassador of hope. Money well spent.

3. Felling super relaxed and energised. Just feeling so good. One of the best healing experiences.

4. An awesome experience- the program is like a glue that holds all other programs together. I’m more relaxed, more connected, more open, more sympathetic to people. Great health knowledge gained.

5. An excellent experience. I’m pleased I’ve come. It has given opportunity to exorcise demons from my Army service. We have had excellent leadership from the team on the trip.

6. A worthwhile trip. Put some negative aspects of my earlier time in Timor behind me. I have some mates that would really benefit from this.

7. Fantastic experience. Anxiety diminished, inner peace. I’ve looked at negative stories from my past, repainted them and let them go. Forever healed by this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

8. The programme has been excellent for me. Feeling 10/10. Sleeping well.

9. This programme is the best healing for veterans. RSL and Bolton Clarke are to be congratulated for their generous and ongoing support. TA has probably saved lives. More focus now on loving my wife and family. Your team are the most professional leaders I’ve had the privilege of knowing.

10. The best and most rewarding adventure I’ve ever done (in 72 yrs). Rewarded, blessed, and humbled. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for organising such a memorable journey. Everlasting memories for me.

11. This has been an uplifting expereince. I’m energised, enriched, grateful, and informed. I’ve mended old wounds, and now grateful for the life I’ve had.

12. The TA experience has been more beneficial to me than 2 1/2 years of psychiatric treatment and medication. I’m now positive about the future, more able to speak freely and be emotional.

13 More comfortable content and optimistic. Shared experience with my wife has powerfully bonded us.

14 . Mindblowing positive experience. Changed us to be more giving financially and emotionally. As a couple, it’s made us talk more about how we want to live and what we want to do in the future.

15. I’m less anxious, more relaxed , I’ve learned how to enjoy life. I’ll be able to get off medications.

16. Absolutely the most amazing programme. So well balanced, well executed and with a real sense of caring. I’m now calmer, more confident and I have a sense of hope. Sponsors –your money is invested well.

17. I’ve witnessed healing and calming in all attendees. This is the best and most healing programme I’ve attended as a TPI. I’m less stressed, more relaxed and have knowledge now on how I can assist veterans.

18. Thank you, I’m most grateful to see my husband become more positive and have new goals. And I’m much more relaxed, lighter, more positive and I’ll now do some volunteering .

19/20 . Had to cancel on deployment day due to medical issues.

21. This trip has changed my life. I no longer want to kill myself. Sponsors your financial support changes lives from darkness to light. I now thank God for the blessings he gives me each day.

22. This has changed my life and my partner’s. Better than all the medical interventions we have had.

23. I’m feeling grateful to be part of VCA. A circuit breaker experience. More euphoric – more informed.

24. Thank you to the VCA team. Through you, miracles of life over death have been achieved.

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