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Michael Stone

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Australian Army Major Michael Stone was considered Australia’s fix-it man for many years in East Timor. Michael deployed to East Timor in 1999 and 2001 as a platoon commander in 2 RAR. He returned as a Training Team commander in 2004 to the Timorese First Infantry Bn, largely comprised of former guerilla fighters. He is a fluent speaker of the local language, Tetun. In the 2006 crisis Michael was the main negotiator between all warring factions, responding to critical incidents on a daily basis as well as being the spokesman for International forces. In 2007 President Jose Ramos-Horta seconded Michael to his cabinet, where he worked as a senior advisor for four and a half years. Featured on Australian Story in 2007, “The Peacemaker”, and 2009, “The President’s Man”. Michael is our point man in providing the Timor Awakening experience to rehabilitate Veterans.

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