Timor Awakening 5 Qualitative Report

Timor Awakening 5 (TA5), a 12-day holistic health program for veterans, was conducted in from 14 to 25 October 2017. The program included 1 day in Darwin, 4 days in Dili and 7 days throughout rural areas of Timor-Leste (TL) including the Districts of Aileu, Ainaro, Manu-Fahi, Liquisa and Bobonaro.

TA5 included 28 Australians (21 Veterans / 2 Care Participants / 5 support staff) and 12 Timorese Veterans. The 2 care participants included a wife/carer of one of the Veterans and the mother of a fallen Australian soldier who was killed in action in Afghanistan. Interestingly TA5 had 3 sets of veteran father and sons (ie all ex-serving returned servicemen). TA5 was supported by the Timor-Leste Office of the Prime Minister, the Timor-Leste Defence Force and National Police Force.

The backdrop of a developing and peaceful Timor-Leste is proving to be one that offers hope and healing for veterans of Timor-Leste and for all as Australians, given our significant contribution to peace in Timor-Leste. TA5 provided a multitude of modalities and experiences for individuals, small groups and large groups; including regular professional education and guidance, peer2peer support, physical exercise, mindfulness, meditation, aromatherapy, exposure and unique interaction with foreign communities and veterans. The program provided professional one-on-one guidance and periods of decompression at the start and conclusion of the immersion period.

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Photos from Timor Awakening 5

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