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Saturday 2nd July Kookaburra Cafe, Paddington
10.00 – 12.00 TA1 Participant Workshop
12.00- 1.00 Lunch
1.00-3.00 TA2 Workshop[/alert]

Just sending a quick update following recent events, and to mention our next gathering is at Kookaburra Cafe on Sat 2 July. All members are welcome especially spouses!

Our presentation at the Lords Mayors Prayer breakfast went very well. About $10,000 came up in the collection from the 300 present, but so many people were touched by this ministry of compassion, and grateful for what we are doing . We are certainly now on the Brisbane radar! Click here to read my presentation. .

The meeting to brief our Timor Awakening participants attracted 42. I’ll let them tell you about it:
From participant Bob Breen – (45 years of infantry service):

“On Sunday 15 May Veterans Care launched the Timor Awakening program with information and encouragement for participants and support staff at the Kookaburra Cafe, Paddington.

Gary Stone, Tour Chaplain and Mentor, welcomed everyone to a transformative journey that would integrate the best fits of mindfulness, spirituality, physical exercise and nutrition to each participant’s circumstances in order to assist them to transition from inhibited potential to full potential for a fulfilling life.

Timor Awakening is a move away from the ‘sickness model’ for veterans’ care to a holistic wellness model fro veterans’ repair, renewal and growth. It is a move from a health system reliance to a ‘self-system’ reliance. From ‘You help me.’ to ‘Me and my mates are helping each other.’

Timor Awakening is a quest. It’s aim is to have every participant draw on education, communal living experience, inspirational mentoring, reflection, peer sharing, specialised intervention and a health and well-being plan to achieve a ‘mountain top’ experience – a circuit breaker on disappointment. The program aims to create meaning, purpose and ‘go forward’. Every participant will put down the burden of a rucksack full of past disappointments to take up the challenges of exploring options for the future.

Michael Stone, Principal Guide to Timor Leste, created expectations of close collaboration with Timorese veterans from the armed struggle for independence from Indonesia. These men would assist and be assisted by Australian veterans renewing an Australian-Timorese mateship that was forged in the Second World War struggle against occupying Japanese armed forces.

The first steps of an exciting and important journey has begun. On! On!”


Nicholas Hodge writes, “At last there is an organisation that delivers sincere heart-felt Holistic care, and doesn’t have an ultimate demanding physical challenge, then leaves you to your own devices afterwards, with limited follow up on your overall wellbeing. During the brief Michael made me cry as I felt his passion enthusiasm and pride. Gary also made me cry with his sincere honesty that we are a family . He shared insight into his troubles and how he conquered them. This is a rare thing and what i classify as a well needed gold nugget for the veteran community. Outstanding!”


Mark Elm writes, “What an awesome initiative. Very proud to be present last night and see first hand the passion and commitment to holistic health care for veterans. It s the first time I’ve witnessed an ESO do this. VCA you are outstanding,  and Charlieand I are proud to be part of this family. Thanks for the love and empathy you’ve shown us and thanks for the Timor Awakening opportunity as we commit to a lifetime of Veteran Care.” 


We are delighted to be part of a veteran community with you . May all of us be blessed, and may we be a blessing to all we meet .

Hope to see you on 2 July –

With love

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