What Participants from TA7 are saying…

1. I am very appreciative of the professional and personal warmth of the leadership team.
2. You showed there’s always Hope. Every now and then God gives us a flower. We received several.
3. Now I know I’m not alone. Take this trip and you find yourself.
4. This has been fantastic and has helped me immensely to heal
5. A very soundly assessed programme.  I’m enlightened.
6. I’ve been uplifted. I will help one of the other participants set up his business.
7. This experience will result in the improvement of myself as a worthy member of our global community.
8. Carer who did not enter written comments.
9. I know have drive to get healthier to implement the things I know I should do.
10. Everything about TA 7 has given me a positive outlook for the rest of my life.
11. This has been an amazing experience. I’m committed to cleaner eating stopping to smell the roses, and live in the present moment.
12. This has been the best experience of my life. I now feel energised and have a new perspective on life.
13. The anxiety has left. The depression has also gone. I have even been laughing, which I haven’t done in 13 months.
14. Carer who did not enter written comments.
15. I am now more relaxed and more positive.
16. I’m inspired. I’m now finding my way back to who I am.
17. I’ve developed a more reflective mood, to listen and reflect on where I might go in the future.

Some gems from final circle time

  • I’ve had an epiphany – seeing the beauty in young children’s hearts.
  • This has awoken me from a deep sleep.
  • We have achieved connection. I’ve realised the importance of relationships.
  • I’ll not sweat the small things anymore.
  • I’m now in a much stronger place -I’ve experienced the power of human connection.
  • The generosity of the Timorese is in their DNA.
  • I gave a girl a cross and she kissed my hand, and touched my soul in a way I’ve never before experienced.

From MS – Take the gifts we’ve offered you and invest them in your lives

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